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Lordex Spine Center specializes in neurodiagnostics in Columbia MO.

What is Neurodiagnostics in Columbia MO?

Neurodiagnostics monitor and analyze nervous system function to promote the effective treatment of neurological diseases and conditions. Dr. Batchu is trained to provide you with the most accurate and current neuro diagnostic results. From frequent headaches to Multiple Sclerosis and Alzheimer’s, Dr. Batchu at Columbia Center for Neurology and Multiple Sclerosis will be here to help and walk you through with what is going on within your neurological system.

Dr. Batchu understands that your brain and spine are central to your health and well-being. When a neuro conditions threatens the health of your nervous system, it impacts your overall ability to function. This makes diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up care from skilled and compassionate neurologists all the more essential.

At Lordex Spine Center Of Columbia in Columbia MO we offer various methods of diagnostics and testing for brain and spine conditions. Dr. Batchu handles tests ranging from a standard MRI to delicate procedures that require highly skilled technicians.


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