Herniated Disc

Lordex spine center of Columbia specializes in treating Herniated Disc.

We are non-surgical pain relief specialist. Whether you have a herniated disc do to trauma, a lifting injury, or idiopathic causes, we are here to help you. Our programs combine strengthening exercises and physical therapy to give you the pain-free life you deserve.

Lordex treatment does far more than provide temporary relief from pain. In many cases, the Lordex system can produce long-term pain relief because it actually addresses the problem of a herniated, bulging or slipped disc, thus taking pressure off the sensitive nerves that surround the spine.

Lordex works by applying a gentle force at the pre-set angles through the use of a specially designed treatment machine. Lordex manipulates the vertebrae of the spine so that the bulging disc tends to be drawn back into its normal position. This allows increased nutrient flow into the disc.

After repeated treatments, the disc can begin to heal, and thus the pain many times goes away or is reduced.