Spinal Decompression

Columbia Spinal Decompression

Lordex Spine Center of Columbia specializes in Spinal Decompression. Lumbar decompression therapy has been prescribed for more than fifteen years as a primary non-surgical treatment for patients with herniated disc, degenerative joint disease, facet arthritis, sciatica, disc bulge, and spinal stenosis to relieve pain. Patients who have been thoroughly screened and accepted as candidates of the procedure typically require 20-30 sessions in order to reach optimum spinal function.

Each hour procedure has specifically prescribed parameters, determined by your doctor, taking into consideration examination and imaging findings and the complexity of your condition. Options for care, diagnosis and understanding of the process is thoroughly explained prior to beginning your program.

Clinical studies by the Lordex Corporation have shown as high as 91.7% good to excellent response in patients with chronic and severe conditions. LDT or Lumbar Decompression Therapy is a highly effective choice for persons suffering with low back pain. Decompression targets pain-producing areas of the spine including disc, nerves and bones (vertebra) that are undergoing abnormal pressures. By distracting each segment, decompression forces draw nutrients back into the disc space. Simultaneous Para spinal strengthing restores strength and stability necessary to regain functional capacity of the spine.

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