Frequently Asked Questions

What does Decompression do (LDT)?
LDT (Lumbar Decompression Therapy) is a closed reduction decompression procedure designed to unload the micro components that produce pressure on sensitive nerve fibers. This gentle, safe and effective process focuses on specific lesions, discs, or vertebrae diagnosed as the source of pain.

What is SRT?
SRT or Strength Restoration Therapy is a closed stabilization process achieved through increased Para spinal muscle strengthening. Because Herniated discs are generally thought to be a result of mechanical instability and disuse atrophy, SRT is an important component to restore muscle spinal support.

Is this program for everyone?
Low back pain caused by fractures, tumors, infection, or metabolic disease processes are not candidates for the program. Your doctor determines your course of treatment and whether you are a candidate. While some people have conditions that exceed the limits of any procedure available, manufacturer’s literature suggest that 90-92% of patients with herniated intervertable disc, degenerative joint disease, sciatic, facet syndrome and bulging disc completing the program reported good to excellent outcomes.

How is Lordex different from Surgery?
Surgery of the spine if serious, yet sometimes unavoidable. Fortunately less than 1% of all low back pain sufferers are surgical candidates. But just because you don’t need surgery doesn’t mean you don’t need treatment. Lordex is the logical choice. Lordex provides successful long-term relief from pain, but from the standpoint of a non-operative closed procedure. Surgery is open reduction decompression. Lordex is closed reduction decompression. Surgery is open fusion for stabilization. Lordex is closed stabilization through increased Para spinal muscle strengthening.

What to expect if Lordex is prescribed for you?
You will most likely require 20-30 procedure sessions to regain functional capacity, restore spinal motion dynamics and decompress affected nerves. Some patients experience rapid relief after the first visit while most are significantly improved after 3 to 8 sessions. Each session includes 30 minutes of decompression on the RX1 Strength Machine. Passive stretching is also included to improve overall range of motion and flexibility. During the Lordex protocol, you might be introduced to the use of a home traction unit.

What is the typical cost for undergoing the procedure?
Flexible plans and low rate financing make LDT/SRT affordable and accessible to virtually everyone. With the reasonable cost and worries eliminated, patients can focus on feeling better and recovery taking as little or as long as they like to pay. Your doctor will determine if you are a candidate and review your condition and cost.